End User Agreement

Currently, this app does not track user data in any way. It, merely provides a simple mechanism to help children with visual imparements develope their vision similar to a light box. never the less, certain terms and condidtions apply to the use of this app.
Hold Harmless
This app has been created as a free download and the developer has no scientific training or expertise. Therefor, this app comes with absolutely no guarantees warantees, certifications, or aprovals. By using this app, the user agrees that the app is used at their own risk and in any other scenario to hold harmless the deeloper for any potential damages including those caused by negligence on the part of the developer.
Changes in terms:
From time to time it may be necessary to change these terms. When this occurs, your continued use of this app constitutes acceptance of these terms. By useing this app you agree that you are subject to the end user agreement wether and any terms made thereto with or without notice of said changes. It is your duty to periodically check this agreement for any amendments made hereto.
This app does not have the capabilty to otain, track, store, monitor, or otherwise interact with user data. It is not the intention of the developer to make any change related to user privacy.